Friday, June 12, 2009

New iPhone

As most people know, there is a new iPhone coming out shortly. I am a recent convert - I have used various BlackBerry's for 3-4 years, and was a Palm fan before that. I've turned into a bit of an iPhone fanboy - this device is pretty much the best smartphone I've ever used. I joke that it "delivers on the promise on the Tungsten W"!

The new iPhone has a variety of new features (both the device and the OS), but what is probably the biggest game-changer is the compass. At first glance, most people think "so what" - people joke that this is only for people who get lost in the woods..

Now realize this: the phone knows exactly where you are (GPS), and which direction you are pointed in (compass). Let me give some examples:

- the iPhone tour guide. You're in a new country, and turn on the tour guide. "On your left, you can see..."
- indexing of photos. When you take a photo, it could possibly know what you took a picture of.
- Skymap. There exists a google android software app today that tells you what you are looking at in the This could be on your iPhone - GPS + compass + level. What is that star?